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Exploring the versatile treasures of Madhya Pradesh

Mrignayani, a perfect fusion of the traditional and the modern. A treasure trove of fascinating art and craft created in the mystic land of Madhya Pradesh (MP). It’s a journey of ancient traditions brought alive in handlooms, handicraft and furnishings as a celebration of vibrant life. A unit of Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam Limited, it has brought Madhya Pradesh’s imaginative marvels of skill and beauty out of the remote confines to stimulate the interest of larger audience. Recognizing the efforts and skills of the artisans, Mrignayani is an effort to give their inimitable creations a platform. Under its aegis it holds various workshops from time-to-time augmenting the skills of artisans and helps them explore opportunities in design development and marketing of their products. A network of emporiums, across the country it regularly participates in national and international fairs and holds crafts bazaars in an effort to introduce the artist to his true connoisseur.




Chanderi Saree and Dress Materials

Chanderi from a fanciful weaver’s loom to adorning beauties it continues to fascinate with its eternal magic.

Chanderi sarees are known largely for their sheer texture, light weight and glossy transparency. A result of expert traditional methods of hand weaving that have been developed over the centuries and passed down to generations. Embroidery work is done as part of weaving giving tenacity to embroidery that is unique to Chanderi fabric. Careful attention is paid to the motifs that embellish the Damin (body), Kinari (border) and the Aanchal. Indeed a scintillating symphony of softness and class.



Tussar/Kosa Saree and Dress Materials

Timeless elegance and splendid beauty are the two quintessential trademarks of Tussar / Kosa. The symbol of the auspicious, the unadulterated and the graceful. Adorn yourself with the exquisite designs of Tussar/Kosa available in natural shades of gold-pale, honey, beige, brown, creamy etc. Teen, Phulia, Ghungroo Chatai, Singhuali, Kamgroora- their names are as fascinating as their variety. Look every bit a picture of luxury in this naturally radiant fiber embellished with zari brocade and borders woven with thread coloured in ikkat style.

Maheshwari Saree and Dress Materials

Once an exclusive privilege of the royalty has become an established choice of the woman today. Conceived and designed by Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar of Madhya Pradesh herself each Maheshwari saree conjures up a picture of royal elegance. Majestic in its designs, it is woven from silk and cotton fibres and embellished with gold zari . The pallu is particularly distinct with its five stripes. Available in angoori (grape green). gul bakhi (magenta), rani (deep mauve pink) and kaasini (light violet) and famed for its reversible border, that can be worn either side, the royal Maheshwari is vibrancy in an unadulterated form.

Crepe Silk Saree

Crepe sarees are incredibly soft, light, and easy-to-manage ethnic wear that is obtained primarily from silk. The crinkled texture and thin fabric wrap around the body perfectly and create gorgeous pleats just the way we like them. The unique texture of these fuss-free sarees is achieved through a special weaving technique that comprises twisting thin silk fibres. 

Regular crepe sarees are made from weaving and knitting cotton, rayon and chiffon yarns resulting in lighter-than-air sarees just like chiffon sarees. Crepe silk sarees, on the other hand, offer a beauteous sheen that one cannot resist.

Mulberry Silk Saree

Woven with magic of beauty, intricacy and refinement, Mulberry saree is known for its elaborate patterns and border. Its exotic designs, peerless craftsmanship and grandeur entitle it to be a must in any bride’s trousseau. It is characterized by a delicate weave resulting in a gossamer-like fabric. Gold thread or zari is used in Mulberry sarees to weave elegant motifs on the body, border and pallu. Available in earthy shades like maroon, red, green, purple and black Mulberry is perfect for making a breathtaking feminine statement.

Textiles of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has been called a treasure trove of textile since time immemorial. Some of the famous varieties of textiles remain Tie & Dye, Hand block Printing and Batik. Adding elegance to the cloth through any of these methods gives the fabric a rich and alluring look. Available in vibrant hues, the collection of bedsheets, cushion covers, readymades, dress material etc., reflects the true mastery of its creator. Works of art, a celebration of life in vivid colours, the textiles of Madhya Pradesh are a visual extravaganza that blends the contemporary with traditional, easily.

Hand block Printing

Hand block Printing comprises an intricate but interesting process. The blocks used are highly stylized motifs evolved over hundreds of years. The printers dwell near a lake which has a high copper content that imparts an inexplicable richness to their colours. Colours arise out of vegetable and natural dyes and do not fade easily. Commonly used are yellow, orange, red,  saffron etc. One of the most important crafts of Madhya Pradesh, Hand block Printing imparts richness to the cloth, making it apt for an impressive style statement.

Tie & Dye

Unleashing a riot of mesmerising colours in imaginative patterns is Tie & Dye. Characterized by big bold prints in hues of vibrant colours, it involves the delicate technique of tying up parts of the fabric with thread into tiny knots and then immersing them in dye. This leads to scintillating designs that make for an exciting art form.


The vibrant explosion of colours and the creative patterns in design makes Batik truly extraordinary. Each print is a paradigm of traditions brought alive by artisans. A handcrafted work of art, Batik forms an ethereal picture of quintessential elegance and glamour. Motifs of plants, birds. flowers, geometric forms etc, are rich in symbolic association and dominate the fabric.

Carpets & Durries

Floor your floors with a stylized range of Carpets and Durries. Decorate your floors with silk, woollen or hand knotted variety. An inexhaustible range of designs depict the age old mastery of the artisans. Patterned with stylized motifs, cotton and woollen floor spreads from Jabalpur and Jhabua is sophistication at its best. Lay them for a sheer experience of heavenly beauty under your feet.

Folk Paintings

Every painting tells a story. A tell-tale of Madhya Pradesh rich and vibrant culture the paintings are remarkable in their depiction. Dominated by everyday life scenes of the people and royalty alike, they are a celebration of vibrant lives in colours. Choose from paintings of various regions from Madhya Pradesh and make your walls come alive.

Dress Materials

Feast your eyes on the most vibrant and contemporary collection of Dress Materials. Choose from an array of Batik, Silk, Cotton, Tie & Dye etc., and get spoilt for choice. Take your pick from the traditional designs or the very modern patterns and dress yourself in the authentic art of Madhya Pradesh. The versatile designs and pattern of the fabric lets you play with your creativity. It gives you the freedom to make a picture of elegance in western or Indian wear of your choice.


A treasure trove of eclectic mix of styles and fabrics. A blend of the traditional and modern. That’s what the collection of Readymades at Mrignayani is all about. Take home the true colours of Madhya Pradesh available in long skirts, stately suits, crisp kurtas, trendy dupattas or the recently introduced jackets, which can be stylishly teamed with sarees or jeans. Look stylish and different and make a statement that is very Indian and very elegant.

Home Furnishings

Bagh, Indigo & Batik Cotton Printed Bed Covers and Cushion Covers

Bring your home alive with the crafts from the heart of India Decorate your house with meticulously designed bedspreads, bedsheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, upholstery, table linen and curtains. Add a touch of refinement and comfort with these traditional designs which stand strong for their beauty and rich heritage of Madhya Pradesh.

Metal Crafts

Chiselled out of the cire perude or the lost wax technique by the skilled craftspersons of Madhya Pradesh, the eye-catching decorative figures, objects and ornaments stand tall and stately in their brass form. Unique designs and detailed craftsmanship of each piece makes them for a collector’s delight.


Tribal ornaments of Madhya Pradesh are expressions of the inner spiritual and emotional quest of its people. Each piece is so finely crafted that it just looks magnificent. Earrings, bangles, necklaces, rings…the wide variety is designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of ancient Madhya Pradesh to amalgamate well with the essence of today.

Iron Craft

A work of true dedication, each piece is beaten into shape rather than moulded or cast. Aesthetically pleasing and tastefully designed each piece tells the story of the playful mastery of its creator. True beauty with utility.

Stone Crafts

Rock-hard stone carved into exquisite statues. A traditional craft of the tribal artists of Madhya Pradesh. Depicting tales of valour and worship, these intricately etched pieces with lattice or jalli works are a reflection of the lives of gods, goddesses, animals and birds.

Leather Crafts

Discover the many beauteous Forms of the sturdy material presented in various forms. Artifacts, toys, decorative items. you name it and the collection has it. It is a recreation of symbolic mementos of culture, crafted in leather by craftsmen of Ujjain and Indore. Refined detailing on each work makes it a must have.

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